Posted by Kareem

NTRA-Compliant Technical Support Services for Telecom and IT Products.

EGYPT IOR is delighted to introduce NTRA-compliant Technical Support Services, specifically crafted to support the import of record services for Telecom and IT products. Our dedicated team ensures not only a smooth import process but also adherence to the high standards set by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA)

Explore our tailored services:

1. Remote Hands:
Swift remote assistance in full compliance with NTRA standards for the seamless import of telecom and IT products.
2. Smart Hands:
On-site expertise, meeting NTRA requirements, to handle technical intricacies during the import process
3. Remote Hands Engineering:
Advanced technical support delivered remotely, ensuring compliance with NTRA regulation for smooth integration of telecom and IT products.

Partner with EGYPT IOR to elevate your import process with our NTRA-compliant and expert technical support services.